Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I'll have with a side of assault and battery.

My students have discovered They are clever. They have also discovered that has a feature where the computer will pronounce the word. So far so good. They have such a thirst for knowledge. Looking up words is important for meaning and proper spelling. Some of my boys have discovered will say most anything if you type it in. I have to laugh in the privacy of my room as I write this. Kids will find ways to tweak and twist things just enough to steal some humor or create some mayhem. The humor part is OK but the mayhem part is not. The other day some of the boys got the computer to say a girl's name and then a rude thing you could do with/to a girl. Her reaction was to punch a boy dead in the face and then attempt to strangle him. Game, set, and match. Clever boy saw none of this coming.

I was out the other day for breakfast and ran into a former colleague. She told me of her new life of teaching. "It isn't anything like what we used to deal with. Please! My job is simple. The kids sit there with their hands folded. A 'problem' is when a kid talks to his neighbor during a test." What no kids getting the computer to say "back that thing up" with a side of strangulation?